About Esalen and lomi lomi massage

Kind words

"Your massage is what massage at Esalen in Big Sur used to be like, before it became commercial." - Andrea, Santa Monica

"After we traded massages, I felt as if I had been playing on a child's toy piano, and then you played Beethoven." - Susan, spa owner, San Francisco

"The best massage I've ever had." - Lori, West Los Angeles

"Out-of-this-world Esalen massage... I felt transported into a different state." - Elsbeth, Chicago

​"I had the $250 lomi lomi massage on the beach at the Four Seasons in Maui... and yours is better." - Pat, Malibu

Esalen massage's long strokes and gentle stretches offer deep relaxation and reduce stress. Esalen massage is truly "a way to open your heart and feel alive in the present moment."

Lomi lomi came from ancient Hawaii.  It has flowing, rhythmic strokes, like ocean waves lapping the shore.​ Lomi lomi was once reserved for Hawaiian royalty. Today, with a trained lomi lomi practitioner, anyone can experience  the deeply nurturing benefits of lomi lomi.